About Dr. Charlie Celano

Hi, I’m Dr. Charlie Celano, MD

I am committed to delivering the best possible cardiac care to my patients. You can expect Celano Cardiology to go above and beyond to ensure successful outcomes at every visit.

I was born in the Bronx, NY and did most of my postgraduate training in Baltimore, Maryland, including my Cardiovascular training. I’ve since made Vero Beach my home and have been treating patients in this area for more than 30 years.

I founded Celano Cardiology to provide more personalized concierge care to my patients. As a concierge patient, you can expect shorter wait times, more one-on-one time with your physician and exclusive perks like nutrition coaching and advice.

Additionally, I’ve decided to maintain full hospital privileges, so that I can continue to provide direct inpatient care to my patients in the event of hospitalization. I feel this is a crucial tenet of full-service medical care and makes Celano Cardiology stand out from other cardiology practices. I want to make sure my patients receive the same level of care when hospitalized as they do in my office.

Leadership and Community Involvement

During my time in Vero Beach, I have held many leadership positions including Chief of Cardiology; Medical Director of the Cardiac Cath Lab, as well as the Medical Staff Representative to the Board of Directors at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital. I’ve also been elected Chief of Staff on three occasions, serving a total of 6 years. I also served as Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

I started the first cardiac cath lab in Vero Beach at Indian River Hospital in 1991 and started the first cardiac rehab facility in Vero Beach the same year. I currently serve as Medical director of Cardiac Rehab.

I support, and am a member of, the Hospital Foundation to assure the highest quality of health care available. I am passionate about healthcare advocacy and what it means to the medical community. I acquired my MBA, with an emphasis in healthcare, to build a foundation of understanding in this increasingly complex profession.

My interests include music (I enjoy playing several different instruments) and reading. I’m also an avid fisherman, and you can usually find me on the water on my days off. I love Vero Beach and continue to raise my family in this wonderful town.